Some images and thoughts right now.

Spring has arrived on the common, and the dance of the wildflowers has begun. One of the first stars of the show is the lovely Cowslip, waving gently in the breeze. This is the reason I carry my camera everywhere. It's a light camera and I have a special camera bag, which looks like a normal shoulder bag, it's padded and keeps my camera safe. It has room for my phone and purse too. So I am never without it!

The more I learn about editing, the more I realize I have to learn. Now a days, I only brighten the photo a little and increase the contrast a touch. Sometimes I use a filter, and sometimes, as in this picture, it's just fine as it is. The light and the moment I wanted to capture are all there. The camera I use for blogging is a Canon EOS 100D. Now this is not a sponsored post in anyway, but it's a great simple little camera and I just wanted to tell you...  

When you walk somewhere almost everyday, you get to see the subtle changes and feel the joy at new happenings in your familiar territory. A emerging wildflower is happy sight. Blossoms, spring leaves, meadow grasses, the colours of the sky. The moody greys and the bright blues. And the views...It's all so lovely. Clean air, friendly dog-walkers, good vibes, it's truly kind of addictive...and the dogs...it's just the nicest place for them.

Sometimes I find a sunny spot on the slopes, to sit, out of the wind and take in the view. I try not to sit on thistles.... Occasionally enthusiastic dogs will come hurtling down the slopes chasing a ball, before it's lost down the hill.... But a sunny, quiet moment, lying on the ground in the spring sunshine, is magic.

At home, I caught this shot, as the sun went down and shone it's pinky light across the valley, onto the trees. The cabin is there. The other day I saw my sweet cabin lady wondering around putting little twigs in the ground around the Cowslips, so the guys who mow the grass will see them, and mow around them.

The cabins were already here when I arrived. Probably about fifteen years old now, they are not well insulated, but they have woodburners and character. First I thought I would run them as a B & B....that was 10 years ago, and since then they have had permanent dwellers in them the whole time!

If one becomes available, I might list it as a Airbnb. I watched the tedx talk of Joe Gebbia, the founder of Airbnb recently. I had a look through the 200 or so in my local area, which was slightly voyeristic,... but interesting to see what's out there.

Crafty and creative updates:

I have had to do some more visible mending on my jeans...the other leg decided to tear too. I thought I would catch it quick before it ripped all the way across. It's got a patch underneath now as well so it should hold up.

Talking of clothes, I recently got out my two bags of summer clothes. Seeing them in their see-through bags, all squashed together and old, leaves me feeling as though I might want to give the whole lot away and start again. I can see things which never really fitted right, or that never got worn for whatever reason. So I have decided to not open them yet and think about it.

Am I really brave enough to just let them go, without opening them.... And how will I find the new fresh feeling I am looking for? how do I want to shop and where do I want to spend my money?

Foodwise: I have discovered Papaya, and that it's very photogenic, and I love it. It's great for making smoothies, with banana, and almond milk, and for breakfast. Yum. I find myself just still wanting to eat warming, comforting food, like baked potatoes, every night... I need to feel full and fed. I've been reading about raw food and vegan food. But I'm not quite ready to take it on yet.

I've been walking by the canal. I feel drawn here now to have my dose of boats and water. It's very relaxing to watch the canal boats chugging up and down.
There has been some pink sunsets.
Some cloud wings appeared.
Some pink daises on the lawn.
I enjoyed the sunlight in my messy kitchen:-) haha...not so pretty, but look at the light coming through the curtain...The paintwork is a bit tired but it's homely in here and I like it..
 And new makes: a pile of wristwarmers, just ready for the.... summer!

I am working with a new kind of wool. They were just gorgeous to make.The pattern is a closed shell stitch, which I had to work out how to crochet into a round. It worked. I'm happy with them. I used the gorgeous hand dyed wool made by the Indie wool company Fyberspates. Each ball made two sets of wristwarmers, I'm pleased to say, and thankful because, oh the price...! The colours are incredible and you can read more about them in my Etsy shop, if you would like.

So I have to say that as I have written this blog post....stopped to walk the dog, eat breakfast, make tea, open and close windows, that I have felt everything opening up in my mind that I wanted to talk about. As though it were a concertina of things which were originally squashed down and now have opened up, drawn in some air and made a tune.

I feel better for having brought them here and shared them with you. Such is the mystery and wonder of blogging....have a good week :-)



a little clearer....

Today I was thinking about a friendship that for lack of a better word, I 'blew' up last year. Probably 25 years worth, here and there. I think I couldn't bear to watch this friend live out a choice she was making, a resigned one that seemed to come from a place of no action, or energy. And I guess I choose a subject which I knew would act as a trigger, to that end. I think I may have hoped that a new energy might somehow rise from that fire, there is a chance I may never know.

Yesterday I found and read this article 'from destruction comes creation'. I wanted to share it here. It's very well written. I can see the different phases at work in my life all at once. I like the line, 'and we sit on a fence and try to decide how not to destroy it. We bargain with god or ourselves and try to figure out how to glue it back together'. Don't we just.

And the question, 'when was it complete? and how long have you been trying to breath life into it?' we do know don't we, there are points when we recognize it's over.

Then to look for a new glimmer or spark to hold on to as you go through the destruction phase. That's so good. And the idea of giving the energy back to the universe in it's raw form to become your next creation. Clever.

I think there are phases to letting that happen though. They might involve learning new things, research, building up strength. Pausing, but still facing forwards. And yes perhaps acknowledgment that phase of life is over and change will have to happen. Unless you want to keep feeling like a cardboard cut out, who no longer wants to be doing what your doing.

I need to breath in a new direction. I'm looking for glimmers and sparks to see me through.

I found Aimee Eoff, through a podcast interview with Christine Mason Miller. I'll let you know a few podcasts I am listening to soon.  I'm enjoying them.

Have a good weekend.



right now...

Today, I notice I feel all in a quandary. The sun is out and skies are blue, yet I find that I am sheltering and distracting myself from the energy that is emerging, as though all directions are confusing and over-whelming.

To be lost in the midsts of so much that is good feels concerning. How do I go forwards from here. A few stories in the news pulled at my heart in a new way this morning, the tears fell as I witnessed anothers' struggle.

How do I unravel myself from all that is blessed and good in my life, in order to find the direction that feels simple and honouring.

How can I find my own authentic energy again?

Where am I underneath all these layers of old self?

Why am I not prepared to settle?

Can I let go of what I have now, in order to find something else?

What do I need to do/not do to find my way?

Perhaps I just need to notice and acknowledge this moment and try not to escape it in so many ways.

I am just going to be here, with this.

.....deep breath.


Spring (almost) making and cleaning

Pink and yellow tulips
Blue lagoon wristwarmers

I moved my desk to a new angle, so I can see out the window and in the room.

Crocus wool and new tiny bunting

 I like my new eco cloth.

A quick and easy lunch, mozzarella my new favourite
Crocus wristwarmers. This wool is so lovely. I'm dreaming about it:-)
So nice to have a clean window screen
I took the car for a clean. That feels good.
Blogger has decided in it's ultimate wisdom to not to let me add any more text into this post, only captions!...so I will leave it just with  photos today and save the text for another day. I'm not going to stew about it being  screwy with me, I'm just going to move on. Hope your week is going well :-) ♥  


purple and green

I found this in the park today. What is it I wonder? it's beautiful.
Sunlight on a crocus patch, so nice.
On my desk. A little mouse cup. Not sure where it came from, it belonged to my Mum. I love it.
Out of focus rosemary. It smells good.
Moody skies on the day of Storm Doris and the entrance to our local nightclub. I've never been in, it looks kind of scary! I'd be more likely to go in the launderette, but thankfully I have a washing machine, so I don't go in there either ;-) 
Yarn bomb, not me...
pine trees and water drops
and a new wool, it's called Crocus, it's a hand dyed, luxury yarn (wow) and I love this too :-)
I've been taking my photos here and there, and I realise that although blogging does take a long time, I have to keep blogging. I always want to be taking photos and I need to have somewhere to share them. I'm very visual. I love words too. I don't think I could do one without the other. I also value story, even if I don't tell the whole thing here. I think you can read so much between the lines and feel so much in peoples images of life. Life moves on, that's for sure. I love to see a new energy or new step taken, showing through in someones work. You can feel it, things evolve. You just have to start somewhere. It's a process, love that. You have to be in it, to go anywhere!  First step.

And maybe blogging is kind of old-fashioned, but just wait for the revolution!! It will be a cool new/old thing....anyway, here I am. Still finding inspiration out there, which always amazes me at how what shows up is just the right thing, for right now. And if you keep going, you gradually work things out. Even things which have bugged you for years.

And inspiration, guess what, it doesn't go away. If you step into the flow of who you are and what your doing, even if no ones watching, it does show up, especially if you do. Even if you are in the midsts of a post Storm Doris day fence collapse, and you see a great shot, you have to take it. That's why you carry your camera, for just those moments, and who knows where it might lead.

I found another blogger recently, who I think has blogged for years, possibly since the beginning, not of time, but just since blogging on the internet began. I might have read somewhere it was around 1994. That is a really long time. On this blog, I find the combination of great photography, little stories, a business made up of lots of crochet and other creative works, really inspiring. Living in Berlin, adds a whole other dimension to the photography. I find it so strange that I never came across her work until now, but now is really when I can appreciate feeling that inspiration. And this lady works hard at what she does. I admire that. Anyway I have been reading and am smitten. You can see Sandra Jutos' blog here. Did you see the crochet?! I love that it brings me back to retro crochet too.

So, I have waffled here long enough today, have a good weekend. Take photos, make things, tell little stories, blog if you can. I know I hope to. See you soon.



Bristol harbour on a Sunday and some thoughts.

I love this image of balance and touch.
Portishead Harbour
boat traffic signals
I wonder what it would be like to live on the harbourside?
Nice to have a yellow front door
I like watching the lifeboat go through their manoeuvers.
A hopeful February stand, outside the RNLI shop
An interesting beach here on the estuary when the tide goes out. Lots of pottery and glass.
All the old buildings have been converted into houses.
They do like their pastels here.
I took these a few weeks ago. It seemed a shame not to share. I do love a day out. Takes me out of my normal way of thinking. I must do more. I love exploring. I'm enjoying my camera again. I haven't taken a single shot on my phone hardly this year.

I think I'm re-connecting with myself again. I'm blogging, taking photos, making things. Listing on etsy. I'm really enjoying flickr. It's so nice to see pictures again in landscape and portrait, I find so much inspiration there. My ideas of what I want to to do are beginning to crystalize.

I'd like to say it's because I'm not going on instagram. But I think that would be giving it too much credit. I've been cutting out a lot of other distractions as well. I'm trying to maintain a focus, which I didn't have before, or if I did it was constantly diluted by everything else. Sometimes I think I am just being solitary, but deep down I know I need this to touch on something in myself.

There is still so much inspiration out there. It doesn't go away, because your not scrolling daily through feeds. It reaches you anyway, and in other ways. I think it strengthens your intention. Now I scroll through a little list in my head of things which I have decided I want to make/do/learn and decide what needs to happen next to move me towards that.

I feel like I'm starting to follow my own path. And I have to weigh that up as more important than knowing what's happening else where. The important stuff finds you anyway. That's what I think. Sometimes I just get a prompt to go somewhere and there is something I was glad I didn't miss.

So I think I need to trust that what I need and what inspires me is going to cross my path anyway, and there has been so much inspiration over the last few years, I feel like it's time to assimulate some of it.

Some life stuff happened here over the last week or so, which threatened to tip me off down a slippery slope. Just some sad things which happen in our lives now and again. Without my new found structure of daily stretching and clearer thinking, I think I would have toppled into a kind of crisis. But I'm happy to say that I was able to see the warning signs and adjust my thinking accordingly, and make some decisions to hold steady in what's right for me, and what I can do. We don't have to be heroes. We don't need to feel guilty about what we can't do. We just need to find that place where we can be okay in our selves and all that radiates out from that point. I read a good quote this week: 'draw in to be able to beam out your light more further', by Lindsay Mack on Alana Hellbig's Podcast, Untangled. I like that. 

So here we are at the weekend. I hope you do some nice things. I will be out another teenage 'airsoft' mission this Sunday. In a new place, yay! Well a new old place, nearer to the outskirts of London, where I am from. So I'll see what that brings. I've got some lovely new wool too, so it could be lots of crochet somewhere. I'm kind of hoping :-) Enjoy.



I hope my little etsy shop will begin to bloom
I found some gorgeous blooming snow drops, the full and round and look at me kind. Not the usual shy and retiring kind.
My little dog is turning into a white haired snow drop herself. Me too  :-) oh and I might be full and round too, but not that kind of full and round. 

I'm re-creating my Etsy shop. A wine box and some chalk paint is helping with that, and a nice branch.

So far so good. I have a few more garlands in there, if anyone would like a look. And a 10% discount code LOVEFEB, to get the ball rolling, which lasts until 17.2.17.

I'm kind of excited...that is it now, my blinkers are on and it's straight on from here. She says with a big plug of her shop. Splosh! 

Have a good weekend.



sunday coffee stop

Sunday: teenager playing airsoft in Bristol. I'm the driver. He needs the stress busting exercise. I need the self-imposed free time. To wander with the dog. Drink coffee here and there. Follow my thoughts and fall asleep in the car if I so fancy.

I found this place made of huge old containers from shipping, next to the harbourside. It was full of dogs and their peoples...I was happy I had followed my gut and walked the way I did. Who wants to leave their dog outside in the cold, when they could be lolling around on a rug in here...

There was a red suitcase on display....I'll remember to look inside it next time, maybe give it a little dust on top ;-)

I said no the gluten free cake because it had sugar in it and then I ate the fudge that came with the coffee, so I could have had the cake. I got toppled. I wished I'd eaten the date and cashew nut bar in my bag instead, but you know I am not perfect. My not perfect habits have changed a lot though.

Wishing you a happy Wednesday folks.